Esspee Calcium Silicate Sheet

Calcium Silicate Sheet

Calcium Silicate is a non-asbestos lightweight material available in sheet, pipe-section or machined formats. Having a low density, Calcium Silicate sheet exhibits excellent thermal insulation properties.

Its relatively low shrinkage makes it ideal for use as secondary or back-up insulation in high temperature applications such as furnace and launder linings. Similarly, it is well suited as an insulator in insulating lids and pipe supports.

Calcium Silicate can be cut or intricately machined to bespoke shapes.

Key Benefits


Low thermal conductivity

Low shrinkage

Excellent machinability




Domestic Fireplaces

Pipe Insulation/Supports

Heat Treatment Furnaces

Kiln Cars

Baking Furnaces

Heat Exchanges

Fired Heaters

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