Esspee's Extensive Range of High-Performance Materials and Machined Parts. 675,000+ Parts Produced Annually

Esspee produces over one million machined parts every year from its facility located in St. Helens, Merseyside, with sales offices in Stourbridge (UK), Dubai, and Jiangsu (China). Our diverse product range includes materials suitable for various industrial applications, detailed below.

Advanced Calcium Silicates

Our advanced calcium silicates ensure consistent thermal conductivity across a wide temperature range. These exceptional materials can operate continuously at 1000°C without degradation or excessive shrinkage, maintaining their high compressive and flexural strength. They are meticulously machined to optimise performance in demanding mechanical and thermal applications, catering specifically to industries such as Aluminium, Specialist Alloy production, Magnesium, Aerospace, Petrochemical, and Power Generation.

Advanced Wear and Bearing Materials

We are pleased to announce our role as distributors and machinists for Tenmat’s state-of-the-art advanced wear and bearing materials. Tenmat’s Railko grades are renowned in advanced engineering composites, offering high-quality, self-lubricating components since 1957. Meanwhile, Feroform grades feature Tenmat’s proprietary formulations, utilising a friction-modified cured Phenolic resin matrix reinforced with high-performance fabrics. These grades excel as bearings in challenging environments, providing low friction, exceptional strength, and durability where it’s crucial.

Engineering Composites

Esspee offers a diverse array of engineering composites crafted from reinforced matrix materials infused with various resins, cured under precise heat and pressure conditions. These composites include Cellulose paper, Mica paper, Polyester, Cotton, Glass, Carbon, Synthetic fibres, and Specialist fabrics. Utilising resins like Polyester, Epoxy, Phenolic, Polyimide, Silicone, and Vinylester, we manufacture intricately machined parts with tailored mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties for a wide range of industrial applications.

High Performance Engineering Plastics

With over 50 years of expertise in machining and fabricating high-performance plastics, Esspee offers a comprehensive selection of materials known for their superior performance at elevated temperatures, chemical resistance, and enhanced mechanical properties. Our range of engineering plastics provides lightweight, cost-effective alternatives to metal components and includes Peek, Nylons, Acetals, and GRPs (Glass Reinforced Plastics). We specialise in manufacturing custom precision parts based on specific drawings and integrating them seamlessly into production processes through our fabrication services.

Industrial Millboards

Millboards typically operate in a temperature range between 850°C and 1300°C which makes them the ideal solution for all high temperature gasketing applications.

Industrial Millboards are made from mixed refractory fibres, clay, inert fillers and a small amount of organic and/or inorganic binders for increased handling strength.

In addition, Industrial Millboards have become the industry standard solution for industrial roller cladding, where the materials design meets the most stringent requirements of glass and steel producers worldwide.

With an extensive stock of Industrial Millboards and access to our pressing and machining facilities, we can offer precision pressed gaskets or cut and bespoke machined parts to your exact specifications.

Specialist Performance Products

Our dedicated global procurement team continually explores new manufacturers and products to expand our range of high-performance materials and applications. The latest lineup of specialist performance products, designated as ‘SP’ materials, is engineered to optimise durability and performance in challenging thermal environments. Through meticulous formulation and close collaboration with customers, we aim to deliver superior technical advantages, enhanced efficiency, and uncompromising quality.


Introducing Esspee’s exclusive ThermTek® Fibre range, designed to deliver exceptional thermal efficiency at high temperatures with low heat storage and resistance to thermal shock. Available in sheets, rolls, and mouldable forms in both Ceramic and Bio-Soluble formats, ThermTek® products offer diverse thermal performance and physical characteristics suitable for a wide range of thermal processing applications. With extensive stocks of ThermTek®, we ensure prompt fulfilment of exact specifications, providing customizable sheets, precision-cut strips for pressed and die-cut gasket applications, and bulk fibre for bespoke vacuum-formed shapes and mouldables.

Thermal Performance Materials

Esspee provides a broad array of advanced materials including heat-resistant materials such as cement, calcium silicate, and alumina-reinforced options tailored for applications requiring thermal resilience and mechanical robustness. Collaborating closely with leading global manufacturers, Esspee leverages expertise in machining and fabrication to deliver customised components across diverse industries worldwide. Selected for exceptional temperature resistance and minimal shrinkage, our calcium silicate and cement materials ensure superior mechanical performance at elevated temperatures. Zicar products, specialised composites engineered to withstand temperatures exceeding 1200°C, maintain strength and stability in demanding industrial environments.


Zircar offers an extensive range of advanced high-performance ceramic composite materials designed for demanding thermal, structural, and electrical insulation applications. Operating between temperatures of 600°C to 1650°C, Zircar products exceed conventional calcium silicates in performance capabilities. Globally recognised, Zircar composite materials play integral roles in industries such as induction melting, forging, heat treatment, investment casting, glass processing, hot pressing, and high-temperature electrical applications. As a longstanding distributor of Zircar Refractory Composites, Esspee maintains comprehensive inventories of sheets, tubes, and cylinders, supporting precision machining services to craft intricate bespoke components across the entire Zircar product line.