Esspee Lightweight Thermal Series

Lightweight Thermal Series

DL represents a selection of specially formulated calcium silicates available from Esspee. DL boards are non-combustible, lightweight, inorganic and fully machinable.

DL and DL(E) grades are pre-formed for pipe and block section which are completely inorganic and noncombustible. NB sheet offers all round thermal and dimensional performance and is ideal for use as refractory back-up insulation. XL sheet is composed of Xonotlite crystal which greatly enhances the material’s strength at optimum temperatures.

Key Benefits


Low thermal conductivity

High temperature

Dimensional stability

Low shrinkage



Kiln Cars

Domestic Fireplaces

Dryer and Kiln Linings

Furnace Backup Lining

Pipe Insulation

Industrial Boilers


Heat Shields

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