Esspee Monalite® M1AT

Monalite® M1AT

MONALITE® M1AT is an enhanced grade with higher strength and dimensional stability up to 1000°C. Its low shrinkage properties ensures performance when used for the containment and flow control of molten aluminium.

M1AT has extremely high thermal shock resistance, fracture toughness and exhibits low shrinkage. M1AT is non-wetted by liquid non-ferrous metals and is non reactive to lubricants such as boron nitride or graphite. Dimensional stability and good wear resistance ensure that MONALITE® products are ideally suited for use in non-ferrous casting applications.

Key Benefits

Excellent thermal shock resistance

Non-wetting to molten aluminium

Low shrinkage

Machinable to close tolerances

High definition machined finish



Holding Furnace Linings

Spouts/Dip Tubes/Stopper Pins

Transition Rings

Hot-Top Heads & Spouts

Launders & Launder Lids

Aluminium Castings

High Edge Defined Machined Shapes

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