Esspee Monalite® M1T

Monalite® M1T

MONALITE® M1T is the standard product for contact with molten metals up to 850°C. Low shrinkage and non wetting properties ensure that it is ideally suited for use in non-ferrous casting applications.

MONALITE® M1T is ideal for launders, holding tanks, spouts and transition plates. It is formulated without the use of asbestos fibres and is thermally insulating and non-wetting to molten aluminium. With excellent low shrinkage properties, Monalite® M1T also combines low thermal conductivity with excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Key Benefits

Excellent thermal shock resistance

Non-wetting to molten aluminium

Low shrinkage

Machinable to close tolerances

High definition machined finish



Feeder Tips


Spouts/Dip Tubes

Stopper Pins

Transition Rings

Launders & Holding Furnaces

Oven Shelving

Magnesium Alloy Casting

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