Arclex M

Arclex M is a glass bonded Mica, composed of Muscovite Mica bonded with leadless glass. Arclex was specifically designed for high performance electrical insulation in switchgear, arc chutes and circuit breakers.

Arclex has high resistance to electric arcs and has very low moisture absorption. It provides excellent electrical properties even in humid atmospheres and can operate continuously at temperatures up to 500°C. Arclex is available in boards or machined components and is the preferred solution for applications requiring effective and reliable circuit breaking technologies.

Key Benefits

High temperature resistance

No delamination

Impervious to oil and moisture

Can withstand thermal cycling and nuclear radiation

Specified in Siemens / VA Tech (Reyrolle) designed
arc chutes




Circuit Breakers

Arc Chutes

Electromagnetic Insulators

Electrical Image Devices

Plasma and CVD Production Processes

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