Esspee Glastherm HT200 & HT220

Glastherm® HT200 & HT220

Glastherm® heat insulation systems are made of glass-fibre reinforced composites and are indispensable in situations where plant components need to be thermally insulated for operational or economic reasons.

Glastherm® heat insulation materials are resistant to high temperatures and have exceptional thermal and mechanical properties. HT 200 is a heat insulation developed specially for plastic and zinc die-casting moulds. It has good thermal insulation, enabling rapid die-heating and machine start-up. HT 220 has a continuous operating temperature of up to 220°C and superior compressive strength.

Key Benefits

Reduced energy costs

Superior compressive strength

Consistently high product quality

Shorter warm-up times

Long-term low maintenance

Excellent mechanical and electrical properties



Tool and Mould Construction

Injection Moulding Machines

Hydraulic Wood Presses

Plastic Presses

Rubber Processing Machines

Tyre Presses

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