Esspee Polyester Glass GPO3

Polyester Glass GPO3

GPO3 is a ‘Class F’ laminate material manufactured from alkali-free E-glass mat and polyester resin. Sheets are formed in a heated platen press under extremely high pressure.

The finished material exhibits good electrical insulation characteristics and low moisture absorption combined with excellent flexural strength.

Fire retardant with good arc and tracking resistance, GPO3 is ideal for use in most electrical applications. Available in Red, Grey and White colours, GPO3 is also suitable for a wide range of insulation applications that require high mechanical strength.

Key Benefits

High mechanical strength

Machinable to high definition

High flexural strength

Excellent dielectric strength

Good arc resistance



Terminal Covers

Coil Supports



Control Panels

Switch Gear

Gland Plates

Mounting Blocks


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