Esspee PEEK


PEEK is a high performance engineering plastic which can withstand an extreme range of conditions while still retaining its core properties. It has a high operating temperature and low friction characteristics.

PEEK is able to operate at a constant temperature of 260°C but can also withstand an intermittent temperature of 300°C. PEEK is also very tolerant to most forms of radiation which makes it an ideal material for use within the X-ray departments of hospitals as well as the nuclear industry.

Key Benefits

Tough and impact resistant

Excellent tensile strength

Low smoke emissions

Wear and chemically resistant

Resistant to hot water and steam



Aerospace Parts

Medical and Implant Parts

Food Processing Parts


Pump and Valve Components

Surgical Instruments

Semi-Conductor Machinery Components

High Temperature Bearings and Rollers

Bearings and Bushings (Bearing Grade PEEK)

Electrical Components

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