Esspee PTFE


PTFE is a tough, flexible engineering thermoplastic with exceptional chemical and electrical resistance. Available in sheet, rod and gasket form; PTFE can be intricately machined to close tolerances.

PTFE is stable from temperatures of –250ºC to +250ºC and has the lowest co-efficient of friction of any solid material. It is non-melting, self-extinguishing and is repellent to all aqueous solvents which means it won’t get wet, dissolve or corrode. PTFE is also chemically inert and will not react with other chemicals which also ensures resistance to oxidation and chemical erosion.

Key Benefits

Outstanding co-efficient of friction

Chemically inert

Excellent electrical insulating capabilities

Thermally stable over a wide range of temperatures

Resistant to oxidation and UV light



Slide Plates

Wear Plates

Slip Plates

Chemical /Electrical and Nuclear Engineering

Sleeving for Pipes, Tanks Valves & Pumps

Low Friction Bearings

Bushes, Rollers, Pulleys

Seals and Gaskets

Cryogenic Components

Component Handles

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