Esspee Barlan Millboards

Barlan® Millboards

Barlan® is a range of insulating millboards manufactured from nonasbestos blended mineral fibres in a wet laid process utilising specially formulated clay binders.

All grades exhibit excellent characteristics at elevated temperatures making them an ideal material for high temperature insulation applications. Barlan® is rigid and strong and can be supplied as a full sheet, cut strips, bespoke components or pressed gaskets.

Key Benefits

Heat and fire resistant

Low ignition loss

Good thermal insulation

Good sound deadening properties

Adaptable by wet moulding



Oil and Gas Burners

Aluminium Casting

Insulation and Heat Protection

Metal Composite Gaskets

Centrifugal Casting

Insulation Jointing

Welding Protection

Mandrel Washers for Glass Rollers

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