Esspee Firefly Millboard

Firefly Millboard

Firefly Millboards are wet laid, clay bonded, inorganic mineral fibre boards. They are asbestos and ceramic fibre free for use in high temperature applications in all industries.

The range possesses high temperature capability, in excess of 1000°C, and low thermal conductivity. At a density of typically 1,000 kg/m3 they are rigid, strong, and can be supplied in sheet form, cut strips, or pressed to produce gaskets and seals. Firefly is used worldwide in iron & steel foundries, melt shops, metallurgical and pouring control systems, and feeding systems.

Key Benefits

High compression

Heat and fire resistant

Dimensionally stable

Low ignition loss

Cost effective

Good thermal insulation



Heat Shields in Molten Metal Casting (FF700)

Gasketing in Domestic Appliances (FF700)

Sacrificial Linings in Primary Aluminium Melting Pots (FF700)

High Temperature Gaskets and Seals (FF700)

Roll Coverings for Lehr Rolls in the Float and Flat Glass Processing (FF800)

Roller Conveyor Coverings (FF800 & FF1125)

Mould Seals in Spin Casting of Metal Tubes and Valves (FF900)

Spin Casting (FF900)

Refractory Backup on Furnaces

Combustion Chamber Linings

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