Esspee Laminated Densified Wood

Laminated Densified Wood

Laminated densified wood consists of beech veneers which are joined together with thermosetting synthetic resins under pressure and heat, to form a durable and mechanically strong sheet.

Densified Wood combines the strength of natural timber with the stability and moisture resistance of thermosetting resins. With good dielectric strength, wear resistance and durability, we can achieve close machining tolerances normally associated with metals.

Laminated Densified Wood can be produced in various densities and strengths in accordance with IEC` 61061.

Key Benefits

Good electrical insulation

Very good oil absorption

Good dielectric strength

Low specific weight

Withstands high mechanical loading

Low and high temperature resistance

Good abrasion and wear resistance



Underbody Skid Boards on Racing Cars

Tooling in the Aerospace Industry

Induction Heating Top Plates

Pipe Support Blocks

Pipe Shoes and Anchors

Top Plates

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