Esspee Ramming Paste

Ramming Paste

Ramming paste is produced from calcined petroleum coke, calcined anthracite and various binders. It is used for gap and seam filling between bottom and sidewall cathode carbon blocks in aluminium reduction cells.

Leakage of metal and electrolyte damages the cathode and may lead to premature pot failure. The usage and installation of high quality ramming paste ensures optimal operation and enhanced pot life. Ramming paste is also used for hearth construction in foundry furnaces, iron and steel-making furnaces and for tap hole closing in electric arc furnaces.

Key Benefits

Easy to install

Long lasting

Good thermal shock resistance

Low bake shrinkage

Reduces pollution

Enhanced campaign life



Void Filling between Cathode Blocks

Gap Filling between Cathode Blocks

Seam Filling between Cathode Blocks

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