Esspee Silicon Carbide Shapes & Nitride Bonded Brick

Silicon Carbide Shapes & Nitride Bonded Brick

Silicon Carbide ceramics are a range of hard wearing materials capable of withstanding extreme thermal shock and high temperatures. They are ideal for use in automotive engines and as parts for gas turbines and rotors.

Sintered Silicon Nitride Ceramics (SSN) is a high purity grade of silicon nitride that is produced by dry or isostatic pressing to create complex net shapes.

SSN has excellent thermal shock resistance and outstanding compatibility with non-ferrous molten metals. This lower cost alternative to the fully dense silicon nitride grades can be manufactured to close tolerance without the need for expensive diamond grinding. Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride Ceramics HPSN can be formulated into a variety of compositions and offers the highest strength of silicon nitrides.

These shapes can be machined or ground to precision tolerances. The shapes can also be polished and threaded to close tolerances.

SiC bricks are made of high quality synthetically made silicon carbide grains which are combined with specialised bonding agents including Si3N4.

Commonly used as lining bricks in large electrolytic cells, Silicon Carbide Nitride Bonded Bricks are dense, hard wearing and high strength materials which are for ideal for blast furnaces and incineration plant linings. Exhibiting excellent thermal shock and corrosion resistance, the material also has very low thermal expansion.

SiC Brick is ideal for use in high temperature furnaces and waste incineration plants. It is also commonly used for the lining of aluminium electrolytic cells, where it improves thermal conductivity and enhances rapid cooling which will significantly improve production cycles.

Key Benefits

Good thermal shock and wear resistance

Low density and low thermal expansion

High fracture toughness

High hardness and wear resistance

Electrical resistivity

Excellent heat transfer characteristics

Excellent oxidisation resistance



Semi-Conductor Handling Parts

Wafer Processing Components

Bearing Balls and Rollers


Pot Room Side Wall Bricks

Blast Furnace Linings

Power Generation

Incinerator Linings

Process Heater Linings

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