Esspee Sindanyo L21

Sindanyo® L21

Sindanyo® L21 is a portland cement based insulation material that has been formulated to provide a long campaign life in demanding thermal and electrical applications, where high strength in a machined format is required.

L21 is asbestos free, has good insulation properties and is non-combustible. It has low thermal conductivity which ensures consistent thermal performance. Sindanyo® products have good compressive and mechanical strength which is retained when operating towards their maximum service temperatures. L21 also possesses very good impact resistance, toughness and can be intricately machined.

Key Benefits

Resistant to most acids/alkalis


Easily threaded or tapped

Good wear resistance

High compressive strength

Electrically insulating



Top Plates

End Boards

Arc Chutes

Coil Supports

Brazing and Soldering Plates

Muffle Plates


Dead Plates

Terminal Covers

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