Esspee Sindanyo L23 & L26

Sindanyo® L23 & L26

Sindanyo® has been developed to provide outstanding service in demanding thermal applications where a quality high strength machinable engineering board is required.

Sindanyo® L23 has a higher resistance to moisture absorption via a proprietary silicone surface treatment.

Sindanyo® L26 is also resistant to moisture ingress via a vacuum impregnated proprietary silicone treatment. This is available in component form and in sheets of 620 x 940mm up to 25mm thickness.

Key Benefits

Resistant to most acids/alkalis


Easily threaded or tapped

Good wear resistance

High compressive strength

Electrically insulating



Top Plates

End Boards

Arc Chutes

Coil Supports

Brazing and Soldering Plates

Muffle Plates


Dead Plates

Terminal Covers

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