Esspee Transite 1000

Transite® 1000

Transite® 1000 is a portland cement based product reinforced with selected fibres. The material has been developed to exhibit excellent load bearing and mechanical strength.

Transite® 1000 is heat treated after manufacture to minimise shrinkage, it is non-combustible and asbestos free. Transite® 1000 also exhibits good impact resistance and all-round toughness and is a good replacement for asbestos cement based products. To reduce moisture ingress the material can be supplied with a silicone coating.

Key Benefits

Asbestos free

Operates up to 500°C

Wear resistant

Resistant to most acids and alkalis

Good electrical properties

Mechanically strong



Base Plates

Top Plates

End Boards

Coil Supports

Brazing/Soldering Plates

Muffle Plates

Support Plates/Rods and Guides


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