ThermTek® Bio Blanket

Bio-Soluble Blanket is developed from a unique technology which creates a fibre with excellent mechanical and thermal characteristics that are comparable to ceramic fibres.

Manufactured from a blend of Magnesium and Silica raw materials, the fibre is then laid down to create a roll mat and needled to increase its tensile strength.

As with ceramic fibre blanket, it is ideal for handling (in particular for on-site cutting), fitting and fabrication work. Bio Blanket is available in a wide range of densities, thicknesses, lengths and widths.

Key Benefits


Low thermal conductivity

High tensile strength

Good corrosion resistance

Very low heat storage



Backup Insulation

Annealing Furnace Linings

Re-usable Insulation Pads

Heat Treatment Furnace Lining

Expansion Joints

Aluminium Homogenising Furnaces

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