Esspee ThermTek Bio Board

ThermTek® Bio Board

ThermTek® Bio-soluble board is also manufactured from high temperature alkaline earth silicate wool (AES). AES ensures rigidity, low thermal shrinkage and high binding strength.

In Bio-soluble form, ThermTek® BioBoard is proven for bio persistence and is therefore exonerated from the EU carcinogenic classification directive. ThermTek® BioBoards are ideal for use in demanding thermal applications and can be cut, formed or machined to bespoke precision parts.

Key Benefits

Outstanding thermal shock resistance

Low thermal conductivity

Low heat storage

Flame retardant

High definition finish when machined



Expansion Joints

Combustion Chambers

Kiln Linings

Furnace/Backup Linings

Metal Transfer/Casting

Heat/Flame Barriers

Hot Face Insulation for Burner Quarls

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