Esspee ThermTek Ceramic & Bio Bulk Fibre

ThermTek® Ceramic & Bio Bulk Fibre

Bulk fibre is available in a variety of ranges each exhibiting different properties. The ranges available vary by composition, compressed density, fibre length, fibre diameter and lubricity.

The fibres offer excellent resistance to chemical attack, thermal shock and corrosion resistance. They are also unaffected by water or steam and have low moisture absorption properties. Bulk fibre can operate at temperatures of up to 1430°C. The material is ideal for backup insulation, packing or gap filling and is also the key ingredient of ThermTek® VF shapes and mastics.

Key Benefits

Low heat storage

Low thermal conductivity

Outstanding thermal shock resistance

Good sound resistance

Asbestos free

Excellent resistance to direct flame



Furnace Packing

Vacuum Forming

Heat Seals

Wet Process Feed Stock

Ladle Insulation

Filtration Media

Gap Filling

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