Esspee ThermTek Ceramic Fibre & Bio Mastic

ThermTek® Ceramic Fibre & Bio Mastic

ThermTek® mastics are a multi purpose form of CF or Bio-Soluble fibres blended with high temperature binders that allow adhesion to most ceramic and metallic surfaces.

ThermTek® mastics are commonly used to prevent heat loss caused by the deterioration of an existing lining. Installed using a trowel, caulking gun or pump, ThermTek® mastic air sets to form a hard ceramic mass. ThermTek® mastic is easy to prepare and install, which makes it the ideal solution for gap filling and hot face lining repairs.

Key Benefits

Low thermal conductivity

Excellent thermal shock resistance

Resistant to gas velocity

Adheres to most ceramic and metallic surfaces

Excellent corrosion resistance

Inert to most chemicals



Troughs Repair (Non-Ferrous)

Lining Repair (Non-Ferrous)

Burner Block Seals and Gaskets

Isolators for Metallic Parts

Chimney Seals and Gaskets

Boiler Door Seals

Void and Crack Filling

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