Esspee ThermTek Ceramic Fibre Blanket

ThermTek® Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Ceramic Fibre Blanket is a soft, durable and lightweight insulating material ideal for use at elevated temperatures of up to 1430°C in demanding thermal environments.

Ceramic Fibre Blanket is produced by laying loose fibres into a continuous mat roll which is then needle punched to improve strength, allowing for greater surface integrity. Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for handling (in particular for on-site cutting), fitting and fabrication work. Ceramic Fibre Blanket is available in a wide range of densities, thicknesses, lengths and widths.

Key Benefits

Excellent heat storage

Low thermal conductivity

Resistant to thermal shock

Good tensile strength

Asbestos free



Backup Insulation

Heat Shields

External Boiler and Duct Insulation

Expansion Joints

Pipe Lagging

Furnace and Kiln Linings

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