ThermTek® Ceramic Fibre Board

Ceramic Fibre Board is a rigid insulating material available in low, medium and high densities and manufactured using refined ceramic fibres, fillers and binders.

CF Boards are ideal for use at temperatures of up to 1600°C and exhibit excellent strength characteristics. Ceramic Fibre Board is an ideal material for backup insulation, flue linings, boiler ducts, furnace and kiln linings. The structure of a CF Board lends itself to high definition machining and production of technically complex machined parts and shapes.

Key Benefits

Low heat storage

Low thermal conductivity

Outstanding thermal shock resistance

Good tensile strength

Asbestos free

Excellent resistance to direct flame



Furnace/Backup Lining

Metal Transfer/Casting

Heat/Flame Barriers

Hot Face Insulation for Burner Quarls

Expansion Joints

Combustion Chambers

Kiln Linings

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