Esspee ThermTek Ceramic Fibre Modules

ThermTek® Ceramic Fibre Modules

Ceramic fibre modules are produced using a ceramic fibre blanket to create a folded or edge stacked profile. They are supplied pre-fabricated complete with anchors and are specifically designed for industrial furnaces, kilns and heaters.

During the manufacturing process they are precompressed to a specific density and secured using anchors or specialist fixing accessories.

CF module linings help prevent heat loss and can increase a furnaces productivity. They are energy efficient and can help significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase campaign life.

Key Benefits

Resistance to thermal shock

Low thermal conductivity and heat storage

High temperature stability

Shorter heat cycling times

Lightweight and easy to install

Energy efficient



Kiln Cars

Veneers (over existing refractory)

Boiler Insulation

Furnace Door, Roof and Wall Linings

Batch Kilns

Duct Lining

Incineration and Pyrolysis Linings

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