Esspee ThermTek Ceramic Fibre Moist Felt

ThermTek® Ceramic Fibre Moist Felt

ThermTek® moist felt combines ceramic fibre blanket with an inorganic bonding agent resulting in a pliable layer that cures to a hard, rigid mass, ideal for insulating complex shapes, profiles and sections.

ThermTek® moist felts can be easily moulded and shaped by hand into the application area. The felt can be left to air dry or cured under heat to ensure a faster drying time. ThermTek® Moist Felt is packaged in clear polyethylene bags to preserve the wet binder during shipment and storage.

Key Benefits

Easy to wrap, shape or cut

Excellent resistance to hot gas erosion

Resistant to thermal shock

Low thermal conductivity

Resistant to chemical attack

Drying time of 24-48 hours



Recuperator Linings

Hot Gas Duct Linings

Tube Weld Protection

External and Internal Pipe Insulation

Curved Areas in Ovens

Hot Face Lining Resisting Hot Gas Velocities

Dryer Linings

Exhaust Duct Insulation

Expansion Joints

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