Esspee Zircar RS1200 & RSLE57

Zircar RS1200 & RSLE57

The combination of a high density and low expansion ensures that RSLE 57 has superior thermal shock resistance compared to traditional ceramic matrix based materials.

RSLE57 is also ‘non-wetting’ when in contact with molten aluminium which makes the material ideal for a number of contact applications for aluminium transfer.

RS1200 is manufactured by combining structural alumina with reinforced ceramic fibre. It has high flexural and compressive strength compared to conventional engineering plastics. RS1200 is also non-combustible and completely inorganic.

Key Benefits

High temperature resistance

Strength at high temperatures

Very good electrical properties

High impact strength

Asbestos and RCF free




Oven Shelving

Terminal Blocks

Brazing Fixtures

Induction Top Plates

Coil Plates

Induction Bottom Plates

Element Supports

Fuel Cell Housing

Hearth Plates

Pressure Moulding Presses

Resistor Grids

Foundry Heat Shielding

Crucible Bases

Brazing Separators

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