Esspee Adhesives & Coatings

Adhesives & Coatings

Designed to protect and enhance the operating performance of our materials, we have carefully selected a range of complimentary adhesives and coatings that are easily and directly applied to our products.

Whether its moisture resistance, improved heat reflection, dust suppression or bonding to additional substrates, our coatings and adhesives are readily available.

Supplied separately or applied in-house at Esspee, our technical team are available to discuss and demonstrate the performance benefits that our unique range offers.

ThermTek® Ceramic Fibre Mastic

Gap Filling

Low Thermal Conductivity

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

ThermTek® Adhesive

Specialist Fibre Adhesive

Moisture Protection

Bonds Between Porous and Non-Porous Surfaces

ThermTek® Rigidiser

Protective Coating for Fibre Modules and Board

Surface Hardening

Refractory Repair and Gap Filling

Boron Nitride Coating

Mould Release

Corrosion Resistant

Non-Wetting to most Molten Metals, Salts, Fluxes & Slags

Epoxy Resins

Excellent Electrical Insulation

Moisture Resistant

High Bond Strength

ThermTek® Protective Wash

Protective Coating

Heat Reflective

Surface Hardening

Anti-Tracking Varnish

Enhances Electrical Properties of Composite Machined Parts

High Definition Gloss Finish

Sodium Silicate

Moisture Resistant

Dust Suppressant

Ideal for Bonding Fibre and Calcium Silicate Boards