Esspee Aluminium Industry

Aluminium Industry

As a leading supplier to the global aluminium industry, Esspee has developed a reputation for offering vast product choices, quality and technical expertise.

We have established supply routes to the world’s largest aluminium producers by providing carefully selected products that represent value, contribute to greater energy efficiency and extended campaign life.

Combining our facilities in Dubai and China, our technical team has access to the knowledge and products required from the supply of day-to-day consumable items through to the delivery of long-term strategic supply contracts.

High Temperature Textiles


Lagging Seals



Casthouse Consumables


Covers & Lids

Seals & Gaskets


Launder Socks

Combo Bags

Filter Bags

Pot Room Consumables

Electrical Insulation

Refractory Coatings

High Temperature Gaskets & Seals

Machined Calcium Silicates

Monolite® M1T

Monolite® M1AT

Promatect® MST

Adhesives and Coatings

Boron Nitride

ThermTekTM Wash

ThermTekTM Mastic

Strategic Materials

Silicon Carbide Blocks

Silicon Carbide Bricks

Cathode Blocks

Ramming Pastes

Flow Control

Tap Out Cones


Refractory Coatings

Launder Damns

Trough Covers

Lid Linings