Esspee High Temperature Textiles

High Temperature Textiles

Esspee supplies a comprehensive range of ceramic textiles, ropes and cloths, which are produced by converting ceramic/glass fibre as well as processing yarns into a woven format.

CF textiles are suitable for use at high temperatures (up to 1400°C) and maintain their flexibility which means that they are ideal for use in forming thermal seals and gap filling applications such as door seals, expansion joints and gland packing.

All CF textiles are lightweight, flexible and easy to install. To further enhance durability, our range of textiles can be reinforced with steel wire and fibreglass to guarantee optimal performance.


Molten Splash/Welding Protection

Thermal Lagging

Door Seals

Heat Reflection

Glass / Ladder tape

Good Resistance to Oils, Solvents and Chemicals

Oven and Boiler Door Seals

Pipe and Exhaust Insulation


Welding Curtains

Pipe Lagging

Expansion Joints

Door Seals

Cabled Rope

Sealing Rings

Expansion Joint Packing

Heat Exchanger Seals

Kiln/Oven Door Seals

Tadpole Tape

Oven Door Seals

Boiler Door Seals

Kiln Door Seals

Furnace Door Seals


Sewing Thread for High Temperature Textiles

Glass Filament or Inconel Reinforced

Twisted Rope

‘O’ Rings and Seals for Domestic Heating Appliances

Joint Seals

Pipework Insulation

Rope Lagging

Low Thermal Conductivity

Bulbs for Tadpole Seals

Chimney and Door Seals